Micro Needle. Macro Benefits.

It’s all about the size

Improved immunogenecity and dose sparing

Improved immunogenicity and
dose sparing

Our extensive clinical trials have shown improved immunogenicity and dose sparing over both intramuscular 1-7, 10 and subcutaneous8 delivery, as well as over intradermal delivery using the Mantoux technique3

Smallest hollow needle In the market

Practically painless injection

When it comes to microneedles, less is more.

As the smallest hollow needle in the market (just 0.6mm long), MicronJetTM microneedle allows for a practically painless intradermal injection8,9

Shallowest, most consistent ID delivery

Consistent intradermal delivery

Due to its unique design the MicronJetTM microneedle is one of the shallowest and most consistent forms of intradermal delivery4-9

Extensive Clinical Experience

Numerous Trials

In addition to global commercial sales, NanoPass’s MicronJetTM Technology has been used to administer over 27,000 injections to approximately 5,700 patients in more than 55 completed and ongoing clinical trials

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Validated Benefits

MicronJetTM has demonstrated a superior immune response with full dose2,3,5, 8,10 and equivalence or a trend for superiority with lower doses (4-40%)1-8,10

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Patented Technology

Intradermal delivery

Intradermal vaccine delivery has been repeatedly shown to allow significant dose sparing when compared to conventional administration methods**

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Patented Technology

Robust design

NanoPass’s MicronJetTM microneedles are based on MEMS (Micro electro mechanical Systems) technology and are made of pure silicon crystal

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Video Gallery

How to perform a MicronJet600 injection

The beauty of a MicronJet600 injection into the air

About NanoPass

NanoPass Technologies Ltd. is a pioneer in the development and commercialization of nearly painless intradermal delivery solutions for vaccines and drugs. Its flagship product, the 0.6mm MicronJet600 microneedle, is the first and only true (<1mm) microneedle to receive FDA clearance as an intradermal delivery device for substances approved for delivery below the surface of the skin and is also CE certified.

Nanopass is ISO 13485 certified.

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*See references
**Darin Zehrung et al. intradermal delivery for vaccine dose sparing: overview of current issues. Vaccine 31 (2013) 3392-3395